Wednesday 29 June 2016


 ‘I don’t think Jeremy is going to stay he’s going to go’ - Gordon Brown
  ‘for heaven’s sake man go!’ - David Cameron
They are all at Jeremy Corbyns throat.
Ed Milliband and Harriet Harman have lined up alongside the miserable bunch of Labour MPs who have resigned from the Shadow Cabinet and the rest of the MP’s who supported a vote of no confidence motion proposed by Margaret Hodge and Anne Coffey

The fact that Cameron has joined them is telling. I think this right wing Labour cabal would rather see the Tories win the next election than see Labour win under Corbyn. This is clear because Labour have been winning against the Tories in practically all of the battles which have taken place since Jeremy was elected nine months ago. Jeremy Corbyn's Labour won the Oldham by-election with an increased majority; it won the Tooting by-election with an increased majority; Labour won the London Mayoral race this spring; and in the local elections this year Labour did well contrary to the forecasts.

In the Referendum won by the Brexit campaign , Corbyn delivered almost two thirds (63%) of the Labour vote. This is comparable to the SNP performance where 64% of SNP voters voted remain.

The Tories have had to climbdown on a whole raft of policies under Corbyn’s leadership –  on child tax credits; on personal independence payments; on their plan forcing all schools to become academies; the Saudi prison contract; on publishing child poverty statistics. And that is not an exhaustive list, but compared to the pitiful Miliband attempt at leadership it glows with success.  I don’t want to bring up Brown’s record as labour leader and Prime Minister - I would rather leave it and him in the dustbin of history, but from his ‘no return to Boom and Bust’ policies right before the biggest ever bust in recent history wiped off billions of pounds from the economy, put thousands out of work and forced  the British state to cough up and nationalise the Royal Bank of Scotland - leading to the inevitable clawing back of that money and the resultant Tory austerity policies, I think he needs to exhibit a little more humility. He was a useless indecisive ditherer of a leader.  

However Jeremy performed he would have been attacked by these so called Labour politicians. I think a lot of these MPs are going to bitterly regret what they have done. Because Jeremy stands up for ordinary working people, and by trying to destroy him, they have taken up the cudgels on the opposing side. They are now standing for something very different (even though they might deny it).

The plotters are saying Jeremy Corbyn is not a leader. I would like to ask them How do they measure leadership? If it is by winning elections - he is a leader, or referendums - ditto, if it is on forcing the Tories to back down on their nasty plans - he is a leader.
A leader must have followers or they are not a leader. Followers, Leaders - they go hand in hand you cannot have one without the other. As Jeremy has been democraticallyelected by the overwhelming number of Labour party members - more than any other previous leader - he is a leader.

The mob of MPs opposed to Corbyn are trying to force him to resign - something he has repeatedly said he will not do. Their appalling behaviour is personal abuse directed at their own democratically elected leader.
If their bullying is successful, they will have driven a bulldozer through Labour party internal democracy.
Thats why we need to use our every sinew to defend Corbyn and make the Blairites history. I have'nt mentioned Blair, but with the Chilcot report due out next week, I cant help thinking that the Iraq warmonger may have something to do with this poisoning of politics.