Technical Solutions

BP are not going to stop drilling for oil - they drilled for oil seven miles beneath the surface of the Mexican Gulf for the stuff, killed 11 oil workers, despoiled the environment and are carrying on 'business as usual' drilling now in the Arctic and, we can deduce, plenty of other places around the globe.
Nuclear. Very profitable for companies, providing they have the support of the state in dealing with waste and with the risk.
There is no pretence that nuclear can provide all of the energy - under the governments plans, it will only provide a small percentage of the UK requirements.

Coal - Carbon Capture and Storage?
This technology does not exist in a commercial form - it is not tried and tested.
The fig leaf of CCS allows the coal industry to burn dirty coal.

The land is a precious resource. Profit driven unplanned biofuel production will push up food prices and heap more suffering on the most vulnerable peoples.

The Sun. (The only sensible nuclear energy - fusion energy from the sun)
Ten thousand times more energy reaches the earth from the sun every year than is used by humanity.
This energy can be harvested by people in lots of ways.

PV  is better suited to sunny places, but it can  provide a useful source of high value energy almost anywhere on the planet.

Wind. Energy from the sun.
Offshore wind is the best solution for the UK.

Energy Efficiency
There are plenty of ways in which the levels of energy we use can be reduced. Energy efficiency measures such as adding high levels of  insulation to poorly built and badly insulated existing buildings are easy to carry out and will result in better quality housing as well as reducing overall energy demand.

There are many more jobs in creating a new renewable energy industry than there are in the old energy industries. People need good jobs. There is a lot to be done. See CCC

We do not need fossil fuel or nuclear fission to produce what we need. The problem is political and economic, not technical

It is useless to sit back and think the necessary changes will be implemented.
Because of the economic and political stronghold that the 1% have, and because it is not in their immediate interest to change, the planet will continue to be degraded - to the point of no return possibly.

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