Saturday 27 April 2019

Its time to act!
If our leaders continue with 'Business as usual', we will get change. The change we will get will be more and more extreme weather events and eventually a situation that is out of their control. Out of their control and our control.
But, if people who understand the problem of climate change act now, there is still time to avert the climate disaster that is heading our way.
My book Safe Planet was published five years ago. When I started writing it, in about 2011 I reckoned that a twenty year timescale to convert all fossil fuel consumption to renewables was just about doable. If a program had started then in 2010, we would now have been about halfway through the massive effort of building all the infrastructure required and been on target to be carbon free in 2030. But as we know, nothing of the sort has been implemented. Our leaders are marching us, at an ever increasing pace to the point of no return.
In Safe Planet I tried to describe the scale of the technical task and also the political task. The tasks can be accomplished, but this will not be done under business as usual arrangements.
Extinction Rebellion and an exceptional sixteen year old young woman, Greta Thunberg have successfully raised the alarm and I hope they have raised the consciousness of enough people so that we can plot a course to avert the otherwise certain disaster. As Greta said referring to Trump 'Climate Change is not an opinion! it is fact'
Lets get on with it!
I think my book is even more relevant now than it was five years ago.
Buy it here or here or here or get it direct from me (slower, but I can then also send you if you want a copy of the Xcel spreadsheet model I constructed for the book!).