Saturday 12 May 2012

SAFE PLANET  shows, using real meteorological data and existing tried and tested technologies, how we can generate all our energy and power. It tackles the main barrier to change  -  the global political and economic power structures that make up the capitalist system.
The book will be divided into three parts.
The first part explains why energy storage must play a central part in a future renewable electricity generation system and describes a paradigm shift in how we use vehicles – a step change in energy storage.
Intermittent renewable energy can become a source of firm 'dispatchable' power when combined with a suitable energy store.
Real meteorological data is used to show how two example states – the UK and California - can be powered by renewable generators alone.
The second part of the book examines the political and economic barriers to a zero carbon world.
The third part of the book identifies the agent for change.
Essentially, the book argues that fighting for good conditions and safety at the places where people work, and fighting for the safety of the environment – the place where we all live - are not separate struggles.
The workers at Bhopal died in the same way that the people outside the plant died.
With effective organisation they could have prevented the disaster.
The impending climate disaster is preventable in a similar way.
The book concludes by arguing for a campaigning strategy which will engage with and develop the agencies that can deliver a safe planet.