Tuesday 3 July 2012

These workers are at the sharp end of the fight, not only against cuts and austerity, but, as recycling workers, they highlight the fact that the fight against the cuts and the fight for a safe future for the planet are one.

From Socialist Worker:
GMB union members who work at Sheffield recycling centres are now on all-out strike against job losses, pay cuts and severe cuts to the opening hours of the service.

They are up against Sheffield City Council, private contractor Veolia and charity Sova Recycling in a battle that had already seen the 35 GMB members take 21 days of discontinuous strike action before going all out from Saturday 23 June.

The strikers are clear that the recycling service generates enough money to stop the cuts.

But management want to restrict four of the five recycling sites to weekends only for the public, cutting the workers’ jobs and hours – with even more severe cuts lined up for the winter.

The strikers explained the background to the dispute at last week’s Unite the Resistance conference in London.

Help the Sheffield strikers defend jobs, hours, pay and an important public service!
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How to help
Send messages of support and donations (payable to ‘GMB’)
c/o Pete Davies, GMB Office, 188–192 Norfolk St, Sheffield S1 1SY.

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