Thursday 8 June 2017


If Jeremy Corbyn wins today and I really hope he does, we will have to fight to get his policies implemented. Those dark forces backing the Tories will do their utmost to ensure that they get their way despite losing the election. A Labour win would be a massive victory for our side, but it is only the first step. We will need to keep up the pressure.
If Corbyn loses, then our task is much harder. Theresa May will wield the knife on our health and welfare and will continue to slash our public services. We will fight her and her backers.
Corbyn's campaign has been magnificent. It has touched millions of people and sparked something I have never seen in my lifetime. It has given us hope and a feeling that, yes we can change things for the better.
Whatever the outcome, I think what is needed is that we try to harness the hope and build on what  Jeremy has been saying. The problems we face are problems people all around the planet have to face. They are not problems just we in Britain face, they are International problems. We need some kind of International Corbynism. I call it International Socialism. We have to fight for that.

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